Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Welcome Again

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome those of you who have only recently tuned in the Colvin Run Habitat Blog. The first blog posting was September 9. 28 postings were added in the last 5 weeks. With this number of postings, people new to this blog will want to check out the photos and postings in the achieves (click the links on the right sidebar).

We Are Now International
In addition to known readers in Northern Virginia, Baltimore (Maryland), Brooklyn (New York), Frisco and Ft. Worth (Texas), and Tampa (Florida), I received an email from a reader in Argentina. By the way, her blog is at – check it out, especially if you speak Spanish.

Please Add Your Comments
Please add your observations, questions, or comments (just click on the “comments” link at the bottom of each posting). After all this is more about community and sharing than it is about my photos or wildlife. And, feel free to add comments to older posts - Mike T. in Tampa, I know that readers would enjoy your insights on turtles in the Colvin Run Habitat.

Enlarging Photos
Remember you can enlarge any of the posted photos by simply clinking on the photo of interest.

Links for Additional Information
The blog format that I am using shows links by coloring works in bluish or reddish purple. The links are not underlined in the neon blue that you are used to seeing. Rest assured that the links are active. Most of the background links that I provide are from the National Wildlife Federation's eNature Field Guide, whose link is also provided at the right sidebar under Links.

Email Updates
If you would like to receive emails whenever a new posting is made to the Colvin Run Habitat Blog, send an email to with "CR Subscribe" in the subject field.

Future Postings
Here are a few of the things that you requested, which I am working on:
- Description of the location and lay out of the Colvin Run Habitat
- Additional history of the Habitat (the George Washington comment caught your interest – hey?)
- More on the road photos from Texas
- On the road photos from Mike and Kay’s habitat in Tampa, Florida
- The photo gear that I am using
- Bird tongues
- Action shots in the Habitat
- And I promise the fox photos Posted by Picasa

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