Friday, October 06, 2006

Daily Hawk Fly-Through

Over the last week, Dot and I observed the hawk almost daily flying through the Habitat. The hawk apparently perches in one of the trees on the Habitat perimeter, the flies through at about 5 feet off of the ground, and lands on another perimeter tree. We observe the hawk from the house or back porch, so we are able to look down on him as he flies through. Looking down, we see dark brown wings, and medium-colored tail with dark brown (same as wings) barring. I am working hard to get additional photos.

I just saw the hawk again (second time today separated by four hours). I was responding to the loud noise of multiple crows - if you hear the crows, there is a high likelihood that they are attempting to chase a hawk -
regardless of the time of year. With camera in hand, I approached the crow sounds - the hawk took off and I saw him from below - dark barring on a lighter grey rounded tail. No photos, sorry. I would really like to get some photos or a closer look as all of the barring has me wondering if this is really a red-tailed hawk.

Another Photo Found

In the recent posts, I apologized for only two photos of hawks in the Habitat. Well, I found another photo today. This photo was taken November 23, 2004 - the others were taken December 2003 and September 2006. All three have similar chest coloring and tail barring (underside). The November 2004 and September 2006 visits had the hawk perched in the exact same place (same branch about 6 feet off the ground) in the dogwood tree that is about 30 feet from the back porch.

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