Monday, October 16, 2006

Snapping Turtle in the Mulch Also

The Eastern Box Turtle is not the only turtle that has visited the Colvin Run Habitat. In June of 2004, this prehistoric looking Snapping Turtle was discovered digging in the mulch not far from where the box turtle was digging this past summer.

Finding a snapper digging at this location was not a surprise in that Colvin Run is only about 200 yards way. However, this location is at the top of a hill which is about 35 feet higher in elevation than Colvin Run. If the snapper originated at the Run (a likely place for a snapping turtle to hang out), the turtle clearly does not mind climbing.

As early to mid-June is peak egg laying time for the snapping turtle, I assume that egg laying was the purpose. As you can see the photos, the snapper was about 2” deep in the mulch and had dug two holes. No eggs or young turtles were ever found. I did not disturb the mulch after the snapper left. As I know little of turtle egg laying, perhaps someone can help out with some information in a comment (Mike T. in Florida – can you add some information please?).
When the snapper was clearly leaving the area, my younger son picked the turtle up for this look at the underside. If you ever come across a snapper, remember they are called snapping turtles for a very good reason – be careful. Posted by Picasa