Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Day of Unusual Sightings

American Robins are numerous in the Habitat, but usually from late-March through August. So, I was quite surprised to see a half dozen robins today. Equally unusual was that they were observed in the trees (first two photos), whereas they are mostly found hunting earthworms on the ground. While migrating robins sometimes go no further south than the mid-Atlantic area, they are rare winter visitors to the Habitat.

Another Habitat visitor that is almost always found on the ground is the Northern Flicker, the only North American woodpecker one that you will see on the ground. Unusual to see one in the Habitat trees (third photo). Flickers are frequent Habitat visitors during the spring. This flicker is the first one seen since about June.

The other unusual sighting today was the hawk. And, as before I was on the porch and the camera was upstairs, so I have no photos. Here is what was unusual - this red-tailed hawk was on the ground, specifically at the base of one of the dogwood trees. Not too unusual to find the hawk on the ground. However, he was eye to eye with a squirrel coming down the trunk of the dogwood. The hawk clearly was not enjoying the position of looking up at what otherwise might have been lunch. The squirrel held is ground (or his trunk) and the hawk finally flew away.

And, as mentioned earlier in the week, the fox is back (last photo). This morning, he made a run at the birdfeeder - I am never too sure what he is hunting when he makes such runs - equally likely he is after a squirrel or a bird. This time, he caught no breakfast. He reappeared about 15 minutes later and took up his normal observation seat in the bush at the edge of the lawn. He stayed for about an hour - just taking in the sights. Posted by Picasa

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