Wednesday, October 25, 2006

¡Hola Amigos in Argentina and Tampa!

A week or two ago, Ferípula from Argentina emailed me to say she enjoyed the posting about the turtles – especially the turtle going to church on Sunday. She has since added a link to the Colvin Run Habitat on her blog. Many thanks for her compliment of calling the Habitat - un bello lugar – a wonderful place.

Ferípula’s blog (which documents that she is a fan of Simon & Garfunkel – my favorite remains Los Sonidos de Silencio) is written in Spanish, which will be a challenge for those of you, like me, who are limited to English. But, the photos that she posts are great and humorous. And, Ferípula has provided a link to a multi-lingual translation (is the Internet great or what). Please visit her blog at - if for no other reason than to become another dot on her world map of visitors! By the way, the October 23 cartoon caption reads “speak to me, Jimmy.”

Also, her October 12 post shows a bird chick – which if I understand correctly is an agapornis – a love bird in the parrot family. While we have wild canaries in the Habitat, we have no parrots. But, we do have parrots here in the United States. Monk parrots escaped from a shipment coming from South America back in the 1960s. The result is a growing community of monk parrots in Florida and on Long Island.

Which leads me to Colvin Run Habitat friends Mike and Kay T. Here are photos that I took in their Tampa, Florida, backyard. These monk parrots eat sunflower seeds (an apparent universal favorite of birds) at their backyard feeder. Clearly, these are birds that we will never see at Colvin Run.

Parrots in North and South American. ¡Esto es un pequeño mundo! It is a small world!

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