Saturday, October 07, 2006

Shay Visits

Yesterday, I mentioned that I knew the hawk was in the Habitat because I heard the crows squawking. Many animals make sounds to warn of another animals approach. Today, Shay, a mixed bred dog who visits once or twice a month, stopped by. As you can see from the second photo, she is always ready, indeed eager, to play.
Shay spends most of here time in a fenced in yard about 80 yards away from the bird feeders in the Habitat. Over the last summer, I learned that if Shay, and her yard mate Jack, were barking, there was a great possibility that a fox was nearby. I learned that if I heard Shay and Jack barking to run and get the camera. And, if I heard them a second time, the fox was making his exit.

Of course, the foxes know that Shay and Jack are fenced in, so they simply come and go at their leasure.

Thanks to Shay for being a great Habitat observer. Posted by Picasa

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